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les soldes

Today, once again, it was hot. This time, stifling hot. The kind of hot that has you ducking into shops because there is a sign in the window that says ďclimatisationĒ (thatís air conditioning), shops you never thought youíd set foot in because they are cheesy. So, because of the heat, I actually went into Cop Copinne, JetSet, and a bunch of other French versions of ContempoCasuals in my neighborhood. Thank god the sales have started here so that I could absentmindedly finger hideous clothing while throngs of Ďsavvyí shoppers swarmed. Thatís the good thing about busy shopping days--you can enter and leave unnoticed, and donít have to feel any pressure to buy. Although to be honest, I havenít really encountered any of that pressure... yet. Itís just a matter of time, given how much time I spend looking at stuff.

So if any of you are curious, here is what the French, who shop at JetSet, are spending their hard-earned francs on: distressed bootleg jeans with rhinestone Bedazzler decoration or rivets (to be worn super tight,) superwide belts (to be worn slung low on their non-existent French hips,) tiny tank tops with odd-sounding English slogans, big but thin gold hoops. If I had a digital camera I could show you what everyone looks like. And I do mean Everyone. This is France, where people might be unconventional in their thinking, but never in their dress.

So, the sales... itís madness! I actually like digging through bins of things. The best is getting a big matted ball of panties and thongs and bras and spending time untangling everything. I canít tell you how many matching sets of underwear I have unearthed this way. And because I already know my favorite brands, I just make a bee-line to those boxes. For me, the problem is that the stuff I have my eye on generally isnít on sale, so for example today there were no Paul Smith sets, no good Prada sets, no matching Eres sets, no Kenzo, no decent Capucine Puerari! But I will go back again this week to make sure that I didnít miss anything. In the meantime, Iíve got 2 new sets of Princess Tam Tam to keep me excited.

I am going to finish some laundry then go to bed because tomorrow I have yoga at 11, and afterwards we are all going to toast a fellow student farewell with a picnic on the Pont Sully (well, actually UNDER the Pont Sully.)

10:14 p.m. - 2001-06-26



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