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I think France must be one of the biggest consumers of mascara on the planet.

French women spackle it on until both of their eyes look like 2 big black furry spiders landed on them. I have never seen more Liza Minelli clones in my life. And they coat top AND bottom lashes which I think is interesting because it seems to me that most American magazines and beauty gurus (Kevin Aucoin comes to mind) dissuade women from doing exactly that.

Another funny French thing is the burgundy hair. I think I am going to start a photo project where I capture as many of the different variations of burgundy hair as I can. When the photos are developed, I will align them side by side to create the Sea of Burgundy: An Ode to Gallic Coiffure.

I come up with art projects all the time now. Must be all this visual stimulation. For example, I have noticed that there are far more people in France walking with limps or fucked up legs, and the trend seems to be giving all of these people crutches. I have a nutty theory that French doctors are as susceptible to trends in health care as French women are to fashion crazes--one doctor prescribed a crutch, then another, and another and it just caught on like wildfire. I would like to photograph all the different crutches, then interview the person whose crutch it is. I have also noticed a lot of folks with that crazy I-just-had-a-nose-job face bandage, but the bandage extends to the mid-forehead, and goes pretty wide at the cheeks. Once you notice this stuff, you canít stop: women whose big toe and second toe practically cross (as a result of squeezing their porky little feet into too tight shoes?), the list goes on and on. It is basically all about repetition and finding patterns, and for some reason this fascinates me.


I just ate the biggest Religieuse on the planet (a Religieuse is a cream puff with a tinier cream puff on top shaped eclair.) It is way past líheure du gouter, but I needed a snack and it had to be chocolate.

7:56 p.m. - 2001-06-30



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