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Missed opp.

I was supposed to go to yoga this morning at 9:30 but again could not haul my ass outta bed. This is what happens when you have dinner at 10 pm, split 4 different appetizers, then attempt to finish both the mashed potatoes AND the steak on your plate. Mon Dieu, I had the worst stomach cramps all night, and tossed and turned for what seemed like ages. So needless to say, when the alarm when off this morning, I was in zero shape.

Did I mention that one of my neighbors is a styliste at Christian Lacroix? He invited me to a private party at L’Alcazar last night, but I opted to hang out with Fred instead. Dumb me, I can hang out with Fred whenever, but a Fashionista party is. . . well not ‘once in a blue moon’ as they seem to happen all the time, and especially right now since it’s Collections time, but still, I’ve never been invited before and it would have been a cool experience.

There is a silver lining and it is that my landlady is all excited to have me go with her to see some of the ‘défilés’ and can secure us tickets. Exciting. I am trying to manage my expectations in order to not be disappointed, but knowing me, I will let my Taurean Delusions of Grandeur take over. Mais c’est plus fort que moi...

Shit. I just realized that Loft Story is coming to its tawdry and lame conclusion tonight. Must... watch... bad... French television (copied from an American show, naturellement.)

8:31 p.m. - 2001-07-05



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