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Une chienne culottee

Here’s a funny one: a dog in panties.

Is it a French/European thing? Or am I just terrifically out-of-the-loop when it comes to things canine?

The first time I met with my landlady to see my apartment, her little Westie was wearing a brown cashmere bikini bottom (it was cold out.) When I commented on it, I was told that Morgane (the dog) was having feminine problems. Not wanting to pry or seem freakish, I just let it go at that, assuming that it was just some unique Fashionista accoutrement for a pet (my landlady is chic-issime.)

Then the other day, I saw another dog in panties! But this time I was with my friend Nadia, who happens to own a female dog, so I broached the subject. And Nadia said that female dogs go into heat twice a year, and that when they do, it can get messy. Huh? I mentioned that I don’t think I had ever seen a dog in panties or diapers in the United States in my entire life, and her reaction was, “Alors, qu’est-ce que vous faites quand les chiennes ont leurs chaleurs?” (What do you do when the female dogs are in heat?) in a tone of voice that was at once shocked and curious and I was powerless to answer.

I’ve never had a dog, only cats so I have nothing to draw from. I asked Terence (since he had a dog, and is an avowed dog person) and he said he’s never seen a female dog in the States with a panty or diaper on. But Terence had a male dog and, being a guy, might not have noticed another dog’s sartorial flair.

7:47 p.m. - 2001-07-09



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