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More Hedi Hair!

I don't know if it was because I was in queer central (Le Marais) or what, but Hedi's armies were out in force today. The style is sort of a cross between a Rhodesian ridgeback and Tintin—short but coming to a point at the crown + forehead. It looks really dramatic on Hedi Slimane because he is ghostly pale, and he dresses in dark, sober colors. Other people cannot really pull it off, but I admire their taste. Better to have Hedi Hair than, say, Jeremy Scott Hair (ai ai ai!) or, the worst, Karl Lagerfeld with the Bangs (what was that all about anyway?)

Speaking of hairdos, I need to do something with mine. I was hoping to re-create Leslie Caron's cropped gamine style, circa "An American in Paris," but I have not been able to unearth any images of Mlle Caron. Good thing I'm not working and can spend hours doing research! I am hoping that the Cinémathèque, which is having a musical comedy festival, will run "An American in Paris" so I can refresh my memory and maybe steal a poster. Oh yes, crime in the name of beauty.

10:00 p.m. - 2001-07-28



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