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The ending of Middlemarch SUCKED! I can’t believe that I spent almost 800 pages of my time on a novel in 10 point type that ends like a cheesy miniseries. The last chapter was a bad voice-over, making neat and tidy packages of most of the characters’ futures. I am really disappointed in George Eliot (eventhough I found some of the writing beautiful and comic.) I am sorry that I hesitated at the bookstore between Middlemarch and Austen’s Mansfield Park. Oh well. I laughed, I cried, I kissed 10 francs (and untold hours of strain on my eyes) goodbye. Now it’s on to some Chabon or Dickens. . .


An American is Paris is playing Sunday at the Cinémathèque! I am so excited! It seems they’ve sort of clumped a lot of the Gene Kelly’s together, so Saturday’s a doozy with On the Town (it even has the Chairman in it!) It’s Always Fair Weather, and Singin’ in the Rain which is a childhood favorite of mine. When I was a kid, the Castro Theater would have double feature musicals during the summer, and since we lived up the street, my sisters and I would walk down there and spend all day in the dark. It was heaven. These were the summers before my mother went completely berserk and replaced the Froot Loops with Alpen. In my little kid head, I knew it was going to be downhill from there. This was probably around the time she imperiously declared she would no longer be making our lunches, and handed the reins to my older sister.


I just found out that I can make my own postage stamps at the Musée de la Poste. I am going to have to go down there to investigate, because it seems too good to be true. 60 francs for 10 stamps. Wouldn’t it be cool to send letters and cards to your friends with stamps that you designed? My feverish little designer brain is very excited about this. Deadline is August 31 so I’ve got to step on it.


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3:29 p.m. - 2001-08-01



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