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My heroes

Today when Fred came by to pick me up, I locked my keys in the apartment. Normally this would not be a big deal since my landlady lives right across the hall and has a spareóbut she is in Saint Tropez!

I totally started panicking, looking out the hallway windows, trying to assess the potential bodily damage should I fall attemping to climb on the window ledges.

Well, you know what? I live right next door to a firehouse, so I marched over there and asked the guys if they had a big ladder to loan me. They said that normally they donít do things like that, but since weíre neighbors and itís August and really slow, why not? They brought a hook AND ladder, and extended the ladder to my window which thank god was open. A fireman then went into my apartment, ran upstairs and unlocked the door from the inside and brought me my keys. I am so fortunate that I put all my panties away! (the underpants were literally all over the floor, like a hamper explosion this morning, and for some crazy reason I actually put them back in the closet...)

I felt like such an idiot, but the firemen were really nice about it. And just the other day I was complaining about living next to a firehouse (because their sirens go off at all hours, and they make tons of noise during their morning workouts.) I will never again say such a thing. They totally rescued my ass today and I am grateful.

So now I am about to wrap Fredís birthday present in my wrapping paper du jour: the latest issue of Loft Story magazine. I have to read it before I start cutting it up, though. Thereís a pull-out poster of Loana which I will save for the most prominent spot on the gift. Loana is one of the winners of the show and she looks like a cheap hooker in every photo. She wears these platform white Spice sandals that are positively atrocious. Why doesnít a designer take pity on her? If Steevie can hobknob with Jean-Paul Gaultier (acc. to Gentry) then why canít Loana be clothed by Christian Lacroix or better yet, by Alaia? (The Alaia would be best to offset her pneumatic assets.) Just a thought.

6:12 p.m. - 2001-08-11



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