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I finally had a yoga class today. Itís been ages! I missed a bunch of classes at the end of July because I was ill, then the school closed for vacation so I was without practice for an additional 2 weeks. Iím feeling much better, a lot more like Iíve got a schedule and some organization in my life.

And Iíve also got some sore shoulders.

There were a bunch of new American faces in class today. A lot of them are vacationing in Paris, and found out about the school through the Yoga Journal. There are very seldom new French faces because the French are suspicious of yoga. They think it is a cult. I admit that the chanting was disconcerting at first (especially because I have no idea what we are saying, AND we are saying it (the Sanskrit) with heavy French accents) but now I kinda like it. And no one has offered me a free meal and ďtalkĒ or suggested I get fitted for robes.

Anyway, the weather has been really lovely lately. Hot with a slight breeze that is very refreshing in the afternoons. I have been doing a lot of hand wash and it dries in minutes. Of course the sheets and towels still take for fucking ever but itís because I have nowhere to hang them properly in my apartment, and I am too lazy to haul them to a laundromat with dryers. Did I mention that my apartment has a washer? I {heart} my landlady.

Sheís in Saint-Tropez, my landlady, and she gave me her key so that if I needed to work, I could do so comfortably in her place. Have I mentioned her apartment? Itís gigantesque and magnificent. I havenít been over there yet because I donít know if I will be able to resist my darkest impulses and SNOOP. So her mail is piling up on my entry table.

I am planning a week long vacation to Biarritz towards the end of September. In fact, my departure date is the day *after* my parents leave. I timed it this way because I know I will need this for my sanity. For now the plan is to spend 4 days in Biarritz and 3 in San Sebastian in Spain, surf + hang out at the beach, check out the Guggenheim in Bilbao before the titanium is completely fucked up, eat Basque food and tapas, and just generally do more nothing but in a new and different setting. If I were a true member of the Cult of Yoga, I would look up schools down there and get myself a little hippy carrying case for my mat...

4:39 p.m. - 2001-08-14



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