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Keepin' it real

I saw a ballet performance in the Palais Royal last night. It was part of the Paris Quartier d’Eté festival, and all of the dancers were between the ages of 17 and 21. They did some ballet, some contemporary pieces and then an hommage to On The Town. Overall the choreography was really uneven, but when it was strong, the dancers looked so happy and excited to be performing. It just gave me goosebumps. Of course, I didn’t like the On The Town number. It is just not possible to improve on Gene Kelly’s choreography as far as I’m concerned. Plus, they pastichicized (new word!) Jerome Robbins’ Fancy Free and that should just be a crime punishable by 32 sharp lashes by fouettés ŕ la Swan Lake.

I am virulently anti remakes of any kind. In fact, I am also anti knockoffs which is why when I shop, I seldom buy anything. Maybe it’s because I myself am a designer, but I cannot buy copies. Do you know how hard it is to create something truly new and different? And do you know how expensive it is to afford originals? Oy. That said, I know perfectly well that my Marc Jacobs purse is inspired by a 60’s design, but at least I bought his version rather than, say, Temma Dahan’s or Ursule Beaugeste’s, which are copies of copies. I love my handbag to death because it’s rad + mod, but also because I bought it for myself as a recompense for having done a stultifying web banner job. Never mind that the check went straight from my bank account into Marc’s. . . I was more than happy to contribute to him and his expanding waistline (I read somewhere that he and the Kaiser have switched silhouettes.)

Uma Thurman or Diana Rigg?

Anne Parillaud or Bridget Fonda?

High Fidelity: the book or the movie?

And as much as I adore Steven Soderberg: Ocean’s 11 with Sinatra or the soon to be completed Ocean’s 11 with George Clooney?

Possession the book or Possession the movie with Gwyneth? I bet the book will still be superior.

I broke down and bought an issue of W the other day. I saw it, I bought it, I devoured it in an hour. Aahhh, better than junkfood. In fact, the best non-caloric bit of indulgence this side of nonfat Cool Whip.

6:43 p.m. - 2001-08-15



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