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Luck be a lady tonight

You know how they have baseball fantasy camps for slobs who want to pretend theyíre professional athletes for a spell? Well, I think they should have dance fantasy camps, where you are taught portions of famous ballets and musicals and can pretend to be a professional dancer for a week.

Last night I saw Guys and Dolls and the print was so fucked up. It had hash marks all over it, and there were tons of skips. Thank god most of the parts with a singing and dancing Marlon Brando were intact. Thatís one of the main reasons I like that film--he is so sexy in it! Terence found 10 francs by the register which was a nice bonus. Not as much as his last take: 500 francs on the rue de Rivoli. Talk about luck.

Today, I got up late, went to my cafe and had lunch. Wandered into La Hune which is a really cool bookstore by Les Deux Magots. The highlight was seeing not one, not two, but three books that I designed in the art and design section. Iím sort of over the look of all three of those titles, but itís fun to see your work for sale in a Parisian store. I saw some of my friendsí work at 7L, Karl Lagerfeldís bookstore, and I was so excited! I just wanted to jump up and down. Instead, I sent emails to my friends to congratulate them.

I have declared tomorrow: Hitchcock Day. First I am going to see Psycho, then Iím going to head over to Pompidou for the Hitchcock exhibit. That will land me plumb in the Marais which is the busiest place in all of Paris on Sundays. Most shops are open, and there are crowds of people everywhere.

Sorry this is so dull. I will try to write something more exciting tomorrow... or at least suspenseful (given the dayís activities...)

9:50 a.m. - 2001-08-18



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