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Wednesday's tale is full of woe

Here what I was going to post Wednesday night:

Once again, I am having problems with my cable service. This is the first, and last, time I get a cable modem for internet access. I used to curse a bloody storm about Pacific Bellís DSL, but those problems were nothing compared to what I have experienced with noosnet. The entire month of August has been a string of intermittent connections and this little junkie is mad as hell and canít take it anymore. Plus, for once Iíve got work to do, and I hate making dopey excuses to clients. And the job is almost finished!

This morning I saw pictures of an ancient woman doing all the yoga postures that I cannot do. I was at first disheartened, then reassured. There *is* hope that I will one day be able to contort myself into the Turtle! And Iíve got at least 50 years to keep on practicing, so I just have to do a little bit more every day. But I am so impatient. I want it NOW.

The lump on my nogginí from last nightís accident has reminded me of Geek Love. Didnít the myopic albino bald hunchback sister Ollie have a lumpy head? Come to think of it, werenít they going to turn that book into a movie? I wonder who they would cast as Ollie. I vote for Vincent Gallo to be Arturo the AquaBoy because he is just naturally creepy and I think it would be a trip to see him with flippers instead of arms. Who would direct? Tim Burton? Terry Zwigoff? David Lynch? Who cares!

I donít think I ate enough for lunch. This is why this entry is all over the place. I had a banana and a little chŤvre sandwich. Then a few hours later, I had a chocolate cookie and some fromage blanc with strawberry jam. And now, I am nodding off because of the dayís protein deficiency.

11:45 a.m. - 2001-08-31



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