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Brother, can you spare a couple thousand francs for some new shoes?

Ok, I’m back on the horse, albeit with some network bugs, but some online connection is better than none. What the hell did I do before all of this? I can’t even imagine.

So yesterday, after I squared away my project with the client, I gorged myself on pastries and went shopping. Here in France, when your work is mainly geared towards bill-paying (work that you don’t like to do, but that you must do to survive,) the work is called “travail alimentaire”--work for feeding yourself. I was talking to Nadia about this, and I told her how most of my work is not at all “alimentaire,” it’s “vestimentaire” (clothing.) It’s not that I’m that high up there on Maslow’s hierarchy that I don’t need to worry about food, rent, utilities, student loans etc—I worry just enough about that stuff to always have the money set aside for that. It’s just that work that you don’t want to do—that you are tempted to turn down—is like a bonus check. You weren’t planning on having that money, you were almost decided to live without it, so if you agree to go ahead, that money can be spent frivolously with zero guilt.

I suppose with all of this yoga and chanting, you would expect me to have more of a Zen attitude towards work: do it well for the pleasure and satisfaction of doing it well, etc. But that’s not me. I’m goal-oriented and not ashamed to admit it.

So after my pastry binge, I went over to the rue de Grenelle which is fancy schmancy shopping territory. I was going to walk all the way down to Raspail, where the shopping sort of ends, but I never made it past Iris, my new favorite shoe store. They had the most Marc Jacobs shoes I’ve ever seen outside of a Marc Jacobs store. I was in heaven. On top of that, the saleswoman who helped me was so damn nice, I could not believe it. She actually took my name and number so that she could call me when the next shipment of tiny sizes arrives—my new best friend! I love her! Ok, so I tried on 2 pairs, one fit, the other didn’t, but basically each pair represented the entire check (and then some...eek!) for that stupide little flyer I just finished. So now I just have to decide if I *really* need 2 pairs of shoes. As my friend Hilary always says, “At a dollar a day, they could be paid off in [fill in price] days! You’ll wear them at least 300 times, right? And special occasions count double.” One pair is practically free (check from job,) the other would be an early birthday present? (Ha! my birthday’s in May.)

Yesterday I also dragged Nadia to see “It’s a Wonderful Life.” She’d never seen it before, and she said she was a Capra fan. How can this be? Anyway, I gave her some kleenex before the film started, and at the end of the movie, her kleenex was soaked. So was mine. I’ve seen that movie at least 10 times, and it makes me ball like a baby. After that, we recouped with some japanese food, then wine at Chez Georges, a divey very Saint Germain des Pres circa 1960 wine bar. My new favorite hangout!

So all is right with the world now: I have an internet connection, I finished a dumb project, I’ve got a favorite shoe store AND wine bar and now’s it’s sunny and life is grand.

12:35 p.m. - 2001-09-01



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