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Plus a change. . .

All of these noos network problems are playing into my cunning little hand. Yes, I am beyond irritated at the fact that it takes me 20 tries to get connected to sites and that I invariably feel like throwing my $3000 laptop out the window, but the fact *is* that the more the network is fucked, the easier it is going to be for me to disregard the one-year agreement and cancel the service in a huff.

But really all I want is an internet service provider that provides service goddamnit. Apparently this is too much to ask for in the 21st century.

And its raining today which means that the network problems are due to that little flooding problem, and there are no doubt more hunky firemen bailing water out from the basement where the hub is. Ok, and it was just pointed out to me that, thanks to noos, I can now regularly visualize hunky firement with their sleeves rolled up over their bulging biceps... hose me down! Ewwww

I bought my landlady flowers and put them in a vase in her apartment. To make up for some of the magnolias that I killed, but also to welcome her home (she was in St. Tropez for an entire month.) So yesterday, I came home to a gigantic bouquet of irises and white roses, with a little note that said that she was touched by my gesture and hopes I have a nice vacation in Biarritz. I have the greatest, sweetest landlady on the planet, I swear.

There is a part of me that is getting excited about going to Los Angeles in October. Mostly, it is excitement about seeing friends, being in a new environment, college radio!, getting a big apartment with my own furniture in it (my diamond chair! my little gray rocker!,) eating Mexican food and decent Japanese and Thai food. When I stop to consider what LA looks like and sounds like, then of course, I get misty-eyed about leaving Paris, which is one of the most visually astounding places in the world. But you know, I decided that 2001 would be the year of change and adventure and it has shaped up to be exactly that. So I shouldn't be complaining ( but I'm French, and bitching--raler-ing--is first nature.)

11:32 a.m. - 2001-09-06



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