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Just another manic Monday

Today I did laundry, came back just in time to catch the Fedex Man holding my new Marc Jacobs handbag (whew!) then showered and dressed in a flash to have lunch with my friend Dina. She is a film person extraordinaire, but today was feeling under the weather making me feel guilty for wanting to pick her brain about film jobs. So instead we chatted over steaming hot bowls of bigger-than-your-head matzo ball soup.

I made a giant master list of all the things I still need in this damned apartment to make it perfect, and of course the list is longer and more expensive than last week's. Leave it to me to *need* a washer and dryer combo that costs $2000, a vacuum cleaner in the $250 range, and 300+ thread count supima cotton sheets. I am back-burnering my princess fantasies until I get some work.

Speaking of which...

I got a call from my friend Chris who is a photographer. [insert shameless promotion for friend: www.chrishoneysett.com] Go to his site and admire his Ansel Adams-ness but skip the musical intro because the music is crap. Anyway, he needs me to dream up a marketing piece for some portfolio ideas he has, and I am looking forward to the work. We've been collaborating for 10 years now, and though I usually get paid in images, these days he has been kind enough to write me checks. Friend fees, of course, but every little bit counts. I think part of the design-for-prints trade this time around should be design-for-framing since I have a ton of images that need matting and framing and he is an ace at that.

What else? I've developed a retarded infatuation with Owen Wilson and, totally unrelated, have decided that there are no two ways about it: those sweater coats are an abomination.

3:21 p.m. - 2001-11-26



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