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Fa la la la la

I love Simon Doonan. He is so clever. www.observer.com/pages/simon.asp

I have been spending an inordinate amount of time online lately, partly out of boredom, partly because of work. My client and I stay in contact with email and AIM, and now there's a handy little ftp site for quick loading of files. Life before pdfs and email was so plodding and inefficient. I can remember spending hours pasting up entire 72 page magazines, with tissue paper overlays indicating color breaks, traps and overprints. Sheesh, it took forever. The only good part about having participated in those olden times is that today, I am an ace with an Xacto knife. I can cut circles without a template, complex sweeps without a French curve, and can make phenomenal paper snowflakes.

My mother has been pestering me about my Christmas List. I feel like a kid writing it out, but frankly it's the only way to guarantee that I won't receive a bunch of weird crap. A few years ago, I put a moratorium on the purchase of clothes because my mother was always getting me stuff that I hated. Gift giving is fraught with meaning in my family, and in those hideous sweaters and dresses I saw the reflection of who I was supposed to be. Probably my mother didn't intend to illustrate her disappointment in me with ugly clothes, possibly the gifts were merely gifts and nothing more. I just decided that it bummed me out too much, so now the list contains mostly silly pamperment stuff (perfume, a refill on my Chantecaille makeup) and basics (Converse All-Star lowtops, a Braun 3D toothbrush.)

Since I only have 19 days til Christmas, I guess I should put lights up around the house. It will make me feel less Scrooge-y. Also, I have to start working on a costume for my friend's Space Age-themed holiday party. I bought a bunch of silver garlands, and will use them to doctor a dress. Terence is going as a Mars colonist; he's got a Hugh Hefner-type get-up and will slather himself in self-tanner. Ned has a silver suit for the occasion. I'm sure we’ll all look completely ridiculous once the party gets started since folks in LA don't ever dare look ridiculous. Oh well, it will make for some excellent photos.

9:05 a.m. - 2001-12-06



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