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Oh I am so excited. My client loved both concepts I came up with, and has asked that I refine one. The PhotoShop business paid off, since that is the layout she preferred. I kinda liked that one better, too, so it works out for everyone. Now I just need to refine it so that she can run it up the chain of command.

I did my laundry yesterday. I am still not used to going to laundromats. I feel like, after having lived with a machine in my apartment in Paris, I have returned to the stone age here in Los Angeles. Of course, my place here has hookups, so as God is my witness, one day I *will* have my very own washing machine. Until then, I must shlep all of my things to the Launderette (that's really what it's called, however it is not Beautiful) on the corner of Beverly and Crescent Heights.

Yesterday, the full panoply of freaks was out. There was an old homeless woman doing a few loads; her shopping cart was parked out front, and she kept returning to it to fetch more things to wash. There was a guy dressed all in black, in sunglasses AND a beanie, looking very suspicious. For a while I entertained the idea that he had a "job" to do and was washing his ski mask in preparation. but my theory went out the window when he walked by, rolling his whites-only load past me. Some other woman was chatting up a younger bald guy, and they were hitting it off until she complained about all the flags everywhere. The bald guy took umbrage and his voice started sounding more and more tense and eventually the two of them acted like they'd never seen eachother before. And then there was me, bobbing my head and singing along the the Oldies songs. Yeah, ok, who's the weirdo now?

6:57 a.m. - 2001-12-07



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