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For fuck's sake

Oh my god, I have so much work to do but I cannot concentrate. Iíve been supplementing my morning cappuccino with a commuter mug of Tetleyís British Blend and I think the overcaffeination is wreaking havoc on my ability to focus, focus, focus. I have to say that Tetleyís is very good tea, especially with milk and honey. My authentically Irish friend Martin turned me onto Tetleyís. One thing I am looking forward to in the next 2 weeks is getting my kettle back from the aforementioned Martin. He babysat the kettle while I was in Paris, and took excellent care of it, but now I must reclaim it and boil water the way God intendedóin a Russell Hobbs electric cordless kettle. Martin is already have separation anxiety.

Things taking up valuable real estate in my head:

- tidy up the layout on my paying project, think about the cover and interior pocket

- redesign the diagram

- research stock photography

- design insert cards for the mix cds I made as Christmas presents

- get Space Age Holiday costume together

- wait around for fedex, ups, the contractor who is going to fix the stove and put a rheostat in the dining room

- do hand wash

- go to the drugstore

- go to paper store

- change health insurance

- get dental

- get contacts and a new prescription for glasses, also get prescription sunglasses

- fantasize about a new or new-to-me car

- go to yoga finally

My friend Hilary came over the other evening and together we combined our cds to create a wondrous mix. Somehow we managed genius segues from rock to samba to funk to blues to pop to punk to Oasis. We will be giving these out as Christmas gifts this year and I canít wait to brainstorm on the covers! Of course now that Iíve mastered burning mix cds, I have been completely distracted by the idea and have already made 2 more. Iíve got the powerpop one and the mod internationalist one.

My younger sister called me and we talked for an hour. She is knitting scarves for Christmas, making a gingerbread house and cookies, and experimenting with bath bombs. This year is lean for her so everyone is getting homemade presents. I like homemade a lot and prefer gifts with that personal touch (although the year my sister hit paydirt at her restaurant, I got so much Kiehlís stuff, it blew my mind and made me really happy.)

My project is going very well, thanks for asking. I like the work Iím doing, the client does too, so everyoneís happy. Looks like there is even more work in the pipe for me, as well. This is even better news as I would like to go to Paris in January. Weíll see what happens with the project schedule. I have more than once had to cancel or bump travel plans due to last minute crunches and presstimes. Iím going to cross my fingers and hope that doesnít happen. I love Paris in the winter. Sure itís bitterly cold, but there are fewer tourists, better hotel/flight deals and most importantly, sales!

Itís T minus 2 days til The Royal Tennebaums opens. I am so excited!

8:37 p.m. - 2001-12-12



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