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God bless the Dead Milkmen

I have the most hideous scratches on the fronts of my calves. And it is totally embarassing how they got there.

My friends Hilary and Vanessa had their annual holiday party on Saturday night. This yearís theme was Space Age holiday and my plan was to sew silver tinsel onto a skirt. I would be an astronautical flapper. Everybody knows the Future is Silver. Well, the scheme did not work out as planned as the tinsel kept falling apart, and I kept breaking needles on the metal pieces. So at the last minute, I had to rethink the whole costume idea, and instead wore one of my vintage cocktail dresses with fishnets and lots of sparkly jewelry. I was Spage Age in the vintage sense, and judging from all the compliments I got, my getup was a success. Plus I sort of matched Terenceóhe was dressed as a 1960ís Cape Canaveral employee, complete with short-sleeve white shirt, tie and NASA badge.

Everything was going along swimmingly at the party. I was chatty with everyone, freshened peoplesí drinks, introduced lonely-looking people to othersóand still managed to keep an eye on my cocktail. Hilary and Vanessa had asked me to help out in the hostess department and I thought I was doing a fine job until somewhere around 3 a.m., I realized I was hammered. Hilary and Terence were totally laughing at me, because I so seldom drink that excessively and apparently I was very funny to watch. I think I was probably also having a great time until, as I was leaving, I stumbled into some fucking sharp-as-hell bushes that tore up my fishnets and my legs. Thank god Terence caught me before I hit the ground, or my lovely dress, shoes and coat would have been destroyed. I made it halfway to the car (no, I was not driving) before I realized I had a giant branch poking out of my fishnets. Terence just yanked it out, then made fun of me and sang ďPunk rock girl, give me a chance, punk rock girl, letís go slam danceĒ because my fishnets were thrashed. Sunday was horrid, of course. I had a massive hangover and a nasty headache that finally went away after 1,000 mg of fizzy UPSA (magic French aspirine that I have been hoarding.) I slept most of it off, and eventually went to the movies (Oceanís 11) with friends. Later, we all ate at Red on Beverly, and I felt a lot more human with a hamburger and a beer in me.

Today, I took a really great yoga class to further rid my body and liver of scary toxins, and I have to say: I am feeling pretty good right now. Iíve got a little Martini Rouge at my side, dinnerís on the stove and Iíve finished most of my holiday cards. And my hangoverís history.

7:57 p.m. - 2001-12-18



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