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Rollin' with the homies

Some friends of mine are down from San Francisco visiting. They drove down in some crazy souped-up BMW that has an automatic AND manual transmission. The car is insane, and the backseats are like enclosed jump seats with Formula 1-type harnesses. The car is a V-12. Who the hell needs 12 pistons when the speed limit is 65/70 mph? I must admit, I felt pretty snazzy tooling around town in that thing last night.

I have been thinking about cars lately because I really need to get a new one, or a new-to-me one. I drive an old, beat-up, lumbering Isuzu Trooper. Itís been so dependable and an ace in the snow and in the desert, but it is highly impractical in Los Angeles. It has zero giddy-up, is slow off the line, and plain unmaneuverable in small spaces (like the back of my apartment building, where my parking spot is. Parking the car is like playing jigsaw.) I wish I could keep the Trooper for snowboarding and surfing and On The Road-ing it to Mexico, but the fact is that I donít need 2 cars. I just need one sporty one.

Ebaymotors is a great resources for fantasy browsing. Overall the prices are ridiculous, but it helps to give you an idea of whatís out there. I would love an early 70s BMW 2002 (with round tail lights) or an early 70s Alfa Romeo GTV, but both of those cars are usually plagued with mechanical problems. So, on the more reasonable tip, Iíve also been considering late 60s-to-early 70s Porsche 911s. If I were truly practical, I would just roll down to a Toyota dealer, trade the Trooper in for a Prius--the new gas-electric hybrid vehicle--and call it a day. But thatís not going to happen. I must roll in style.

So the insane BMW guy also known as Kirk actually has a Porsche 911 and has decided to help me find a perfect one. He is such a car nut that I trust him completely.

The other thing that is really fantastic about Kirk is that he is a shopper. He has perfected his 60s/70s look to the point where it looks totally natural on him. And his girlfriend, whom I love, is the embodiment of Claudine Longet 60s cool--right down to the long side-swept bangs and light pink slip of a lip. She is one of the only other people I know who has memorized the entire Marc Jacobs line, and has a near photographic recollection of any 60s-influenced anything from a magazine, store, movie or artwork in contemporary culture. Plus, she is a beauty product fanatic and always has great information on creams, conditioners, you name it. Talking to her is like being let in on a bunch of secrets. It makes you feel so special.

So last night, we went to Bang! a club with three rooms: Electronica, BritPop, and 60s. I hadnít danced in a godís age and it was fun to just let the moves rip. We got in free, got free drink tickets and met a bunch of groovy folks. I love hanging out with people who got juice.

6:29 p.m. - 2001-12-30



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