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Bonne Année!

I am so relieved that it’s 2002. The other night’s New Year’s celebration was so strange, it made me anxious for the first of January to arrive.

On New Year’s Eve, a bunch of us had champagne and chinese food at my friend Hilary’s. Then we cabbed it to some odd japanese restaurant/bar called Pearl on La Brea. They had the house beats on 11, the anime on the projection screen, the $8 cocktails. The predictability came to an end when in walked a tall black guy in full Cherokee headdress, a dwarf dressed Soprano-like, and an incredibly fat woman. It was like being in a Fellini film. I was just sitting there, watching the action as the minutes ticked away, wondering what the devil I had gotten myself into. Fortunately, I got up and started dancing with everyone else, and just succumbed to the ridiculousness of it all. The clock struck twelve, everyone kissed and hugged, and we left.

Yesterday was just another slow, uneventful day. I did a little grocery shopping, watched “Wayne’s World” and “The Suicide Kings,” and had Mexican food for dinner. Not a big day filled with symbols.

8:04 a.m. - 2002-01-02



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