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This is the modern world

Have I sung the praises of my Braun 3D toothbrush yet?

Oh my god, it is the greatest tooth cleaning invention EVER. And itís one of the things I got for Christmas that I lovelovelove. It pulsates *and* oscillates and makes my teeth feel so smooth. I am hoping that this contraption will not only improve my dental health but will also retard my gumsí slow creep upward. Getting old and getting long in the tooth. This is what I have to look forward to in 2002.

I should actually be extolling the virtues of Braun plain and simple, one of the greatest German manufacturers on the planet. Their industrial design is lovely--stark lines, clever user interface, and simple graphics. I have 2 Braun alarm clocks that kick ass. My only beef with their design is the lack of rubber used in the housing. Can you imagine how much better a remote would be if it were encased in rubber? It would bounce off the floor when you dropped it by accident! I know Iím not the only person who constantly drops things like phones, remotes, alarm clocks...

For Christmas, I also got a gift certificate to the Bliss Spa. This spa is in New York, not in Los Angeles, so I think I will be spending the certificate on some kind of expensive beauty product. There are so many little treats I could indulge in, itís hard to pick what to spend the money on. Iíve got my eye on Sweep, a superduper exfoliating scrub, but thatís on the practical side. The fanciful side wants to splurge on a cosmeceutical--just to see what thatís like.

Other than that and work and yoga, lifeís been pretty boring. My friend Ned is moving to Los Angeles today so things are sure to pick up. For one, the truck heís driving down contains some of my scooters: theyíre all Vespas, different years and models, but only one runs. I am really looking forward to getting back to restoring the light blue 90. I have another scooter still in San Francisco, but that oneís stored in a locked place so Iím not going to move it until I can park it safely. I canít wait to ride around again!

7:04 p.m. - 2002-01-02



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