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I am Taurus, hear me roar!

I have some sort of cold. This is what I get for walking around, fesses-en-l’air, after exercising. I’ve been drinking tons of green tea (the kind with roasted brown rice. Add honey and milk, and it becomes liquid Sugar Smacks,) I’ve also been ingesting echinacea which as you all know is the sickest-as-in-disgusting tincture on the planet.

Out of boredom, I did my astrological chart. My friend Harriet, who is really into astrology, says that it makes perfect sense that my rising sign is Leo. She’s Leo rising as well, and according to her, we Leo rising folks are all about the hair. My hair is curly and fluffy and I admit to wasting money and time on its upkeep. I did some additional research and discovered this flattery about Leo rising:

> Dramatic, regal and in control of any situation. Has leadership and executive ability. A kitten at heart <

I once worked with a photographer who contended that my rising sign *must be* Scorpio. I couldn’t tell what that was supposed to mean at first, because I knew even less about astrology then than I do now, but I could tell that for her, Scorpio rising was attractive. When I ran that by Harriet, she said “no way, you’re not a mean Scorpio.”

My moon is in Gemini which makes me rash, and I need constant change and stimulation to stay interested. That is so true! Jupiter is in Cancer on my chart which means that I will likely accumulate wealth because I am very careful about how I spend my money. Of course I’m leaving out all of the ugly details, like the ones about my being far too materialistic, sometimes emotionally shallow and thoughless, and having a tendency towards weight problems from gastronomic overindulgence. Bah.

Since I’m all about hair now, can I just mention that I think my haircolor sounds so much prettier in French? On my Carte d’Identité, my hair is described as “chatain.” Not only that, my eyes are “noisettes.” So much lovelier to have chestnut hair and hazelnut eyes than the English option of brown/hazel.

Ok, I’ve OD’d on me and need to take a break to check myself.

7:00 p.m. - 2002-01-16



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