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La barbe

The smoke alarm keeps going off because I am roasting a chicken. It happens every fucking time I decide to cook something large and savory, and itís starting to drive me nuts. Iím sure my neighbors donít appreciate it either,

The main problem is that the smoke detector is hard-wired, so removing the battery does nothing.

I canít decide if itís spilled food matter burning on the bottom of the stove thatís causing the alarm to go off, or if itís just excessive cooking temperatures coupled with poor venting. It just makes the concept of a dinner party all the more remote.

Obviously tonight I am eating chicken, A happy, formerly free-range prancing one. And a purťe of potatoes and turnips, and a salad. I made hummus earlier in the day so thatís what Iíve been nibbling for apťro. Itís so civilized over here at rue Madame. It would be a lot easier to promote the idea of myself as a self-assured cooking dynamo if the alarm didnít keep going off. And of course, none of you is fooled by my flowery vocabulary and bon mots.

Iíve accomplished very little in the way of Exciting Personal Things, spending most of my time working or going to yoga class the last few days. How middle-aged am I becoming? I did have two celebrity sightings yesterday: at Rite Aid, I saw Ving Rhames. And then while I was waiting to get a coffee before seeing ďGosford Park,Ē I saw Bob Balaban, who co-wrote and stars in ďGosford ParkĒ so that was very ŗ propos. He was as tiny in real life as I had imagined, and was eating a muffin in the manner of those Tiny: daintily.

Terence has been in a foul mood lately. He has some kind of allergy/sinus thing that gives him throbbing headaches and he is incredibly grouchy and aggro as a result. He had an interview last week, and it took him 40 minutes to get there, 40 minutes to come home, and now he is wondering if itís even worth it to apply for jobs that are that far away. I certainly donít think so, and have been encouraging him to hold out for something better, something closer and more stimulating (apparently the guy he interviewed with was a total downer, and Terence didnít think he would feel very inspired to create innovative/interesting work.) I so donít belong to that world anymore, and thank god for that. Iím my own boss, and take all the credit when I do something well, and kick my own ass when I suck. Way more efficient that way.

God I am so boring right now. I should put myself to bed.

8:29 p.m. - 2002-01-28



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