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Plus ça change...

It was 40 degrees in my apartment this morning. That is what is known as butt cold in Los Angeles. When the alarm went off, I had thoughts about staying in bed forever, but instead hauled my ass up and at ‘em, made coffee and started working. All before the wee hour of 7 a.m. Boy did I feel productive. I even made it to a 10:30 yoga class, and had a celebrity sighting: Radha Mitchell who was in “High Art.” By the way, she has a nice practice (for those of you curious about famous folks’ yogic talents.)

The reason for this Flurry of Frantic is that I finally got in touch with Fred, and we have decided to meet halfway up the coast, at Hearst Castle tomorrow at 1 o’clock. He tried to get a cheap ticket from SFO to LAX but with such short notice, the prices were exorbitant. So instead we are each jumping in our cars, hitting the road by 9 and planning to meet for lunch and a tour. It will be fun seeing San Simeon and the crappy little beach towns (like Cayucos) with Fred who has a very indie French appreciation for Americana and kitsch. And he is super excited to stop at The Madonna Inn for pastries (gourmands are the bestest friends) and a quick tour of some of the theme rooms. I have missed him and late night Parisian eat-a-thons.

Tonight I am going to a press screening on the Universal lot for “Fahrenheit 451.” It’s one of the few Truffaut movies I haven’t seen, and it will be fun to sit with journalists and listen to them grumble. It’s interesting to engage them in conversation because they are so damn blasé about film, and they all HATE everything. On a positive note, they usually have great gossip and dispense it with impunity.

I can’t decide if I should sign up for an art class at the local community college. I am feeling overwhelmed by my daily schedule of work/yoga/reading. There’s a part of me that is nervous about adding another thing onto the list of activities, another part that thinks I am full of shit (my schedule is a cakewalk compared to some,) and yet another part of me that says, in the voice of the robotic Richard Simmons,“if you are scared then you must do it.” Really, the only failure is not trying. Right?

Jesus, I need to take a break from staring at this box. Did anyone else notice Andrew's "crappity crap" entry in the Members Area? Man, that just cracked me up.

3:50 p.m. - 2002-01-30



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