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The news is like a car crash. I canít. stop. reading. it. Iíve lately taken to skimming over the headlines on my way to the fluff (style, design, art, film, fashion) in order to feign being up on current events. The flap about the Canadian pairs skaters being robbed of the gold (I, ahem, watched their performance, and agree that they should have won,) the American journalist being held hostage, those Enron jerks, Milosevic claiming innocence, all these stories have contributed to hours of irritation/negativity, and since I canít seem to find a way to be informed without being physically upset, Iíve decided to give idiocy a shot.

It helps to go to yoga classes daily, where everyone is so sunny and upbeat about humanity. Itís become my Happy Place/soma dosage, take your pick. Yesterday I was told that I have a nice practice, and well, you know, a compliment will get you everywhere with me! Whoo, I really perked up after that.

Iíve got to spend the day cleaning up around here. Itís such a mess. Papers, post-its and little scraps of colored paper everywhere! And Iíve got visitors arriving tomorrow so I need to tidy up to preserve the illusion of Organization and Good Housekeeping. Plus I just got a packet from my accountant and Iíve got to start collecting different scraps of paper for tax purposes.

10:52 a.m. - 2002-02-14



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