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Striped Meanie

ďWhy make my brain do the work of a tv?Ē

This is what my friend Mike said when I told him that Brave New World was a better book than a made-for-television movie. The statement is alarming, but I hadnít laughed so hard in a long time.

It is hotter than Hades right now. I canít believe itís February and itís 87 degrees outside (thatís 31 for you folks in Celsius country.) But this being Los Angeles I still saw someone wearing a knit cap and a scarf. For fashion slaves, it is Winter somewhere on the planet and this makes defying logic totally normal.

Reading the LA Weekly, I noticed a photograph of someone and I immediately recognized her as the woman I kicked in the face in yoga class! I was attempting to perform an elbow stand and she was supposed to be spotting me, and one of my feet inadvertently collided with her face. Of course, I was profusely apologetic and embarassed and guess what? She was a total bitch! She acted as though I had done it on purpose and gave me corrections in a condescending tone of voice. Since that occurrence, I have not only avoided placing my mat near hers but I have also successfully done elbow stands on my own. Put that in your pipe and smoke it, you sanctimonious Frightwig! (She has the worst, faux punk rock stripey hairdonít.) Anyway, I saw her photo and was interested in what she might be doing in the Weekly, and guess what again? She is a fucking comedian! Doesnít that just take the cake? What a yogier-than-thou humorless sourpuss.

For the most part, the people at yoga are really nice, but there are some--and they are in the minority--who walk around like they are Godís Gift. Who are they kidding? Everybody knows that I AM GODíS GIFT, but I have the decency and good breeding to keep it to myself.

4:23 p.m. - 2002-02-21



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