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A la recherche du temps perdu

Another weekend has come and gone, though for me, weekdays and weekends are pretty much the same. The only exception is that I have more playmates on the weekends, when my friends have time off from their stupid jobs and can hang out and be idle.

Friday I watched a movie. Saturday I went out to dinner at Zen Grill, then met some San Francisco friends at Liquid Kitty for drinks. After the drinking, there was, of course, more eating. Well, the others ate and I had a chocolate egg cream. This fascinated everyone at the table. I donít know why having a soda fountain treat at 2 in the morning warranted more curiosity than having a huge, greasy Reuben or a fruit cocktail from the refrigerator case. Whatever. It was very refreshing--fizzy, chocolatey, creamy and much lighter than a milkshake.

Sunday I trekked out to Pasadena to see a friend, help her with her new Mac, eat and check out the City College Swap Meet. My ATM card got swallowed up by the machine so all I had to my name was $20 which is no fun when youíve got piles and piles of dusty old crap to sift through. Luckily, the only thing that I unearthed was a 50 cent necklace that will probably last about a month. Itís a little medallion of a blue-period Keene painting-type of girl, profile shot, nautical theme, on a cheapo leather strap. When we got back to LA, we met up with Hilary who had made chocolate chip cookies and we spirited her and them into a Hal Ashby double feature: Harold & Maude, and Being There.

The weekend ended at midnight.

Today Terence pointed out that itís really starting to be springtime. Itís sort of true: my allergies are in full swing, the tree outside of the yoga studio has little green leaves all over it, Iíve been reaching for my flipflops more often than my boots. I looked over at Terence after this statement, thinking he would proceed to serve up some scientific/botanical vittles, but instead he said nothing and just sat there with this idiotic expression on this face. It was then I realized that what he meant was that heís hornier than usual. Like thatís news! Boys donít have periods of estrus; their faucets are on all the time. I canít even imagine him having a period of increased horniness. So at some point this afternoon, I succumbed and woke up after a 2 hour nap feeling really hungry.

Goddamn this is an extraordinarily boring entry.

7:50 p.m. - 2002-03-04



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