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Daily affirmations...

“Excuse me, weren’t you at the Exotic Spice Channel audition?”


“You weren’t at the Exotic Spice audition earlier today?”

“No. You must be thinking of someone else.”

This is what happened to me at The Cat & Fiddle on Friday night. I can’t be sure if the guy said “Channel” when he asked me the question the first time, and I think my incredulous “Whaaaaaaat” really freaked him out. Terence and Hilary laughed their asses off because I looked so horrified.

We went the The Cat & Fiddle to get a bite to eat and a drink, and we ended up sitting in the patio which was quite nice at first. Like a little oasis tucked away from the hubbub of Sunset Boulevard, complete with trees, fountain, heat lamps, and people smoking while you eat. It made me oddly nostalgic for Paris where eventhough I despised how my clothes smelled after a night out, I was happy to be someplace where smokers were people too.

Anyway, TC&F was fun until the Friday night crowd got to be a little much, a little too Friday night-esque, i.e. fake boobs, self-important “industry” types on cell phones... and us, gawking at the parade of meat and buyers. Such a trip to be around that sort of scene. I so seldom bump into it (but that’s probably because I am a shut-in on weekends, and prefer to go out during the week.)

Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon with my soon-to-be-a-rockstar friend Dina, who wants me to consult on design and branding before and as she attempts to get gigs and a label deal. She played some songs for me and I was impressed. She could not stop talking about The White Stripes and how their look and sound are so “complete” (her word.) Basically what they are is brilliant because there is consistency across the board: their sound, their 3 color palette never varies, their clever use of photography and simple lettering. Everything’s been thought out. I didn’t mention the word branding when we discussed The White Stripes or Dina’s look and aesthetic, but I believe this is what she is intrigued by. So I’ve got to meet with her again this week to assess her visual tolerances, and listen to more of her music to see if I can better telegraph her sound into a or multiple visuals. I’ve never done anything like this before, and it’s kinda fun. Plus, this little rockstar has some great stories about celebrities, like that Brad Pitt grabs his crotch a lot (this was during the filming of "Fight Club" so he may have been in character, but still.)

After our meeting, we met other friends for lunch at a French restaurant where we did not get any bread. We had to ASK for it. Clearly, this was not a REAL French restaurant. And when the bread came, it was some sort of sourdough, whole wheat abomination that had nothing to do with either Poilâne or pain de campagne. I ate all of my friend’s anchovies and all of my seared tuna which prompted an observation that my Frenchness comes out a lot when I eat because I enjoy things that freak most Americans out. Hilary doesn’t like hairy salty fish (anchovies) and Terence doesn’t like raw fish. Dina’s fork danced around all of the tomatoes on her plate, and I considered eating those, but really, that would have been excessive. Food is not the enemy, people!

Anyway, last night I saw Dressy Bessy and they are so damn cute. As we were walking into the club, the lead singer was outside having a smoke and I asked her if they’d gone on yet (we were rockstarilly late.) She looked so happy at the recognition and said, “Soon!” then patted me on the shoulder in excitement. I’ve totally gotten over being a geek at shows when I want to ask band members a question or metaphorically rub up against them. Fuck it. They like the attention. If I were up there singing my heart out, I would be psyched to get acknowledgement/encouragement from a fan. So these days, if I have an opportunity to tell someone I think they’re great, I do it even if at first I feel like a little sheepish and dopey. Life’s too short.

And speaking of having a mad, crazy love affair with the entire world, here’s the latest wisdom from my teabag: Grow and Glow. You will have a lot of Dough. I don’t know if that’s true, but it cracked me up. I don’t know who started this fad or whatever you’d call it to put little inspirational messages on teabags, but it’s pretty clever. Of course, a lot of times, the messages are cheesy but what can you expect from a tea company called Yogi Tea? Sort of like a fortune cookie but without the letdown. Which brings me to this: I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but lately fortune cookies have not been yielding fortunes; the “fortunes” are statements of fact. The last fortune cookie fortune I got said something stupid like, “If you work hard, you will prosper.” Well, duh, that’s the American Dream, no?

I was supposed to go to the Rose Bowl flea market but I am too tired and not at all interested in driving all the way out to Pasadena. I may just satisfy the flea market bone with a trip up the street to the one at Fairfax High School. I still don’t have an ATM card which is making life a little complicated, but at the same time, very very frugal. Funny how that works.

9:30 a.m. - 2002-03-10



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