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She's alive!

Well, my back is feeling a lot better. That steady diet of Motrin did the trick, and I am now walking around, albeit gingerly, erect and proud. My friend Hilary thinks the injury was stress-related and she may have a point. Maybe it was the physical manifestation of my anxiety about being the primary bread winner? I hate to admit that Iím uncomfortable with having to be so frugal with my earnings because they have to be spread between 2 people. Iíve had to abandon all the little luxuries (Terax conditioner, Kiehlís bubble bath, Lierac cleanser, fancy pants moisturizer) and I would be lying if I said that it didnít bother me. Terence sent 5 sets of resumes and samples yesterday, and letís hope something turns up. One job is in Chicago (have no idea what that city is like) and another is in some suburb of Munich, Germany. Iím not sure I can live in either of those places, but I didnít have the heart to tell him that. Why should my preferences color his choices? He needs to make the right career decision for himself, and we can work out the Ďrelationshipí afterwards. That probably sounds cold but weíve known eachother for so long now, that Iím not worried that I will be usurped by some Bavarian fraulein or some Midwestern equivalent.

First, some announcements to all my potes parisiens:

Yo yo yo, listen up, my favorite Bertrand Burgalat is playing the Elysťe Montmartre on April 3. Heís performing with AS Dragon and it should be great. AS Dragon is basically all of his studio musicians and thereís a blonde Swede who is so groovy 60ís, I canít stand it. Right down to the rock posturing and aloof stage persona. In fact, if youíd like photographic evidence of his Supreme Sixtiesness, just click over to Bertrandís site, okbertrand.free.fr, and click on Ďphotosí then Ďdiapos 3.í Those are images from the show that I went to during the summer at the Batofar. The Swede has a red guitar! If I were a rockstar, thatís what Iíd have. Come to think of it, Miles from Beulah also has a red guitar... coincidence? I think probably.

Though I am feeling near tip-top, I am going to forego yoga this morning. For me, this represents incredible restraint but the reason is this: I have signed up for a supplemental yoga partnering workshop on Sunday (with my friend Hilary) and if I injure myself before the workshop, I will feel like a total idiot and will ruin the experience for my friend.

This afternoon is a scheduled trip to Santa Monica, to a bookstore called Arcana which is supposedly one of the best art/design/architecture places in the area. Iíve always wanted to check it out, so itís fortuitous that my soon-to-be-a-rockstar pal suggested it for a research mission. Iíve already got some ideas up my sleeve, and Iím excited to find photographic evidence of the things that have been brewing in my tiny little overactive brain. When Iíve created my Frankenstein, Iíll let you all know so you can run out and buy her record and be suitably impressed.

Hereís what Iíve been listening to, in no particular order:

- Godspeed You Black Emperor

- Luna

- Mouse on Mars

I guess Iíve been needing to wallow in atmospherics (Poor miserable me! I have a bad back!) and these bands have been just what the doctor ordered.

10:18 a.m. - 2002-03-15



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