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Follicular issues

Tonight is another Girls Night Out, and I am hoping not to have the Brother from Another Planet experience that I usually have. The event is being held at North, which is supposedly some swank spot on Sunset, with a happy hour until 8. I think Iím going to miss the cheap drinks because I plan to check out the free in-store at Amoeba (Bart Davenport, he of The Loved Ones, he of the soulful twitch and shout) and donít think Iíll make it to North before 8. Iím so tired right now I canít even imagine getting dolled up for an evening on the town. Iíll probably take a disco nap after this entry.

Anywho, not a whole lot is happening here. I thwarted a friendís plans for dyeing her hair blonde (she is currently black-headed, and the contrast of her dark hair and pale skin is very attractive. Blonde would wash her out.) Another fair friend of mine wanted to go black, and I thwarted those plans as well. I urged her to go blonde instead (she has a heavy presence and could use the lightness.)

I used to change my hair color all the time back in the day; now I am too lazy for the upkeep. I would dye it myself and I sacrificed many a t-shirt + towel back in my colorful salad days. Now I canít bear the thought of the smell of hair dye. It makes me so ill.

Fortunately at the moment, I am satisfied with my natural hair color. The only problem lately is that Iíve noticed more and more gray hairs cropping up. And do you know whatís worse than finding a gray hair on your head? Discovering one between your legs!




Gray pubic hair!

Ohhhhhh, the ignominy of aging...

6:09 p.m. - 2002-04-04



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