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Comme d'habitude, je râle...

Yesterday I was in such a foul mood, that when Terence suggested we go out for coffee, I said yes thinking it would be a good idea.

“Going out for coffee” is not as easy as walking one block over to Aux Vieux Colombiers, my local in Paris. I loved that place. The barmen knew my order exactly, and always placed it in front of me when I stood at the bar. I didn’t even have to order. And the coffee automatically came with a glass of water. The afternoon barman wore a Burberry baseball cap (Terence thinks he did this to cover up the plugs he was having put in) and was sort of serious; the morning guy was a sunny doll of a goofball.

Instead of Aux Vieux Colombiers, we walked over to 3rd Street thinking Joan’s On Third would serve up a decent coffee. I walked in, and promptly walked out. They have some idiotic system-- two separate counters for placing your orders--which immediately pissed me off. I was definitely not in the mood to wait in line, but I was most definitely NOT in the mood to pay full service prices for self-service. Christ on a crutch, that shit pisses me off like nothing else.

We then walked back up to Beverly, and decided to have coffee at the King’s Road because I knew that at least there, I could park my ass on a chair and get some service with my overpriced coffee. Thank god the place was deserted. In the mornings, the King’s Road is such a scene, ‘industry’ people everywhere. I have bumped into Darlene from Roseanne a number of times, and have heard people such as myself referred to as “civilians.”

So, yeah, there were very few people at the tables outside, it was a sunny day, I had a big thing of coffee, and I kept singing that Generation X song over and over (the one with the King’s Road in it... is it ‘Ready Steady Go’?) I felt a lot better after that. Thursday turned out to be not a total waste.

And to make matters better, I got a scented candle at Fred Segal and it smells divine (Tocca Cleopatra if you must know,) and I also got a bouquet of lilac, and the flowers smell divine as well. Nothing makes this little Ferdinand happier than delicious smells.

Tomorrow night, Of Montreal plays and I don’t know if I should get tickets beforehand. Next week, there’s that Cookbook cd party--I got a flyer from the nutty Japanese guy at MoMo--and I’m going to have to go because From Bubblegum to Sky is playing and I love them. And then there’s DJ ME DJ YOU and they are a trip. Which reminds me, I need to get advance tickets for Beulah (thanks, Gingeryette!) Ugh, so much to do, so much time in which to do it (except that I will no doubt procrastinate.)

Hey, my New York plans are solidified--I arrive the 17th of May at midnight and leave the 24th at the butt crack of dawn. I can’t wait to eat a donut from The Doughnut Factory, a cupcake from Magnolia, and a lobster roll from Pearl Oyster Bar! What am I talking about? SHOP! I can’t wait to SHOP. I hope my tax refund comes in time to finance all the crazy spending I envision...

9:09 a.m. - 2002-04-19



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