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Pantalons in a twist

Correction on the cuteness of the new pants:

They are boot cut and I didn't notice in the store. Ugh! Because they are long on me, it just looks like I'm wearing flares and I look stumpy and dumb. So much for saving money on pants that I now have to have altered. This is the story of my life, and also the reason I generally just suck it up and buy crazyexpensive things--when you spend enough money on an item, it usually comes with free tailoring. Unless you're shopping for basics in which case I recommend Brooks Brothers (shocking, I know) because the alterations are always free and they sell suits ergo they have competent tailors on staff.

So now I can't wear the new pants! Well, I've got them on right now, cuffed underneath, and I'm thinking that not only do they need to be shorter, they also need to be tapered a bit. Christ on a cracker, this is annoying. These things are going to end up costing me $80 when I'm finished and they're goddamn cotton work pants. Sheesh.

In other news, I heard from my crazy friend Jacko (diminutive for Jacques, and if you saw how truly tiny he is, you would realize that 'Jacko' is perfect) and he is in a car, driving down 101 from San Francisco. He told me he would be arriving today but I didn't really believe him because he is always so insanely late that I thought his lateness would also apply to days, not just hours and minutes. He promised to bring me French aspirin, and to bring Terence Silk Cut Lights (you can't really find them here.)

12:09 p.m. - 2002-05-05



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