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Another quickie entry before I have to dash out and be a tour guide. Today it's Venice and Santa Monica.

It is officially B minus 2, and I have been forced to deal with reality. Hilary has been nagging Terence about my birthday, and today she managed to placate me on the subject. We are now having dinner at Cobras and Matadors, some trendy tapas place on Beverly. My job today is to go taste some more cakes and make a decision. Then I have to call Hilary and have her call the bakery to place the order. She is funny about that--she is categorically opposed to birthday people buying their cakes.

Tonight we are going to see Brazzaville at The Knitting Factory. Hilary won two tickets on the radio, so with four of us going, it will work out to $4 per person. Yay bargains! Brazzaville is Smokey Hormel's other band; he's the Beck drummer/Tropicalia master who apparently is a Perv with a capital P. Tracy was telling me stuff about him and John Doe (I guess they used to play a lot in San Diego where Tracy grew up.) I will report any and all scandalous celebrity anecdotes.

I just sent Jacques and Terence to the dry cleaners so I could have a few minutes alone. I am getting so greedy with my time in my old age--I can't stand it when people/things get in the way of my routine, especially if my yoga schedule is disrupted. It's like missing a therapy/primal screaming appointment for me sometimes. The good news is that Jacques sleeps for a million hours, so Terence and I can have some time alone in the mornings to talk, or get frisky, or snuggle or whatever. Today I actually pried myself away from him to go to yoga and that was really rewarding.

Ok, they're back. I've got to do some last minute primping before we head out. More later!

11:46 a.m. - 2002-05-08



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