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Marie-Antoinette, c'est moi

The results of the cake tasting are in. I am going to get a raspberry lemon cake and I am really looking forward to photographing it. Itís light blue and white and pink and very pretty. Almost prettier than it tastes if you were to rate them on the same type of scale eventhough I know itís like apples and oranges. We lined up the slices on the table and it looked like a Wayne Thiebaud painting.

Everyone but Terence laughs about how finicky I am about food. In my mind, I am not finicky at all. I just have Standards and expect Things to be a certain Way. I know that sounds ridiculous, but whenever I go out to eat with friends, I am the one eating everything; everybody else always seems to be chasing a piece of something around their plates, or asking for the seared tuna cooked all the way through, or stacking their anchovies on a napkin or whatever. I never do this. The only food that I can think of that I will not eat EVER is bell pepper.

The raspberry lemon cake was tasty but it was too cold (from the fridge) so I will have to let it sit out for a while before I slice into it on Friday. There were 4 of us tasting cake yesterday, and everyone seemed to lovelovelove all the different flavors; then when Terence and I were in bed, he asked me what I really thought of the cakes, and I said that I had been disappointed. He said he was as well. Reassurance is nice sometimes.

I got two checks for my birthday. Yay for New York vacation money! I canít believe I leave next week. I havenít even had time to prepare psychologically. Next week will be a flurry of laundry, dry cleaning, house cleaning and ducks in a row-ing. I am actually looking forward to sitting on a plane for 6 hours.

I donít really have anything very exciting report except that I need a new lipstick. Iíve actually worn mine down to a flat nubbin, and for a while I entertained thoughts of Restraint in the form of using up my other lipsticks before buying a new one. What am I, insane? Nars Dolce Vita cannot replace Mac Desire! Nothing can. Well, thatís not true, but Iím riding a surging wave of exaggeration.

10:16 a.m. - 2002-05-09



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