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I am the Greek chorus

I'm slowly recovering from my breakdown by focusing more and more of my attention on my upcoming New York trip.

Ignoring the root problem much?

I leave Friday, and I have no idea at what time (though I remember that we land at some ungodly hour.) I just received a postcard from the Bliss Spa informing me that because itís my birthday, I am entitled to 10% off, and I am looking forward to going in there and *maybe* buying a little something. I know that 10% is a pittance, but it at least covers the sales tax. Iíve got so much research to do before I leave! Iíve got to stay organized or I will lose my mind again. I just donít have that much mind left so Iíve got to be careful.

I sort of talked about my depression with Hilary, and she made me feel a little bit better. She said that everybody has (or ought to have) at least one friend who tells it like it is, and for most of the folks in our circle, that person is me. She says that people talk to me about their issues because I donít beat around the bush, and I am direct. They donít come to me to feel better, they come to me because I donít have a problem telling them exactly what I think. If they want impartial, they go someplace else. Thereís a part of me that doesnít want to be that person anymore--who wants to be the one that always tells you what you donít really want to hear?--but I know itís just meant to be that way.

12:29 p.m. - 2002-05-14



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