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I am not a number... I am a free man!

I am in the middle of packing for my trip, and I must admit: I love packing!

Itís like solving a puzzle or a mind game. You get all your favorite clothes together, then try to figure out the most efficient way to get the most outfits per clothing combination. Itís kinda like one of those Lucky magazine spreads where they take 5 items and create 50 ingenious outfits for day AND evening. I could totally do that job at Lucky! In fact, one time I did on a commercial shoot where I had to be art director and wardrobe and I had to work with the clothes that the talent brought (very challenging.)

So far I am going to work the monochromatic look (all black, all navy) with the optional color flourish. Iím wearing Adidas on the plane, but bringing my Marc Jacobs heels for dressier occasions. I donít want to overpack because I hate carrying heavy luggage, and I also want to leave room in the suitcase for the inevitable purchases. Poverty be damned, I am getting a new pair of shoes in New York, After I unpack and get my bearings, I am marching right over to the Sigerson Morrison shop to indulge. They are such brilliant designers. No surprise then to discover that the Morrison half of the duo is none other than Jasper Morrisonís sister, and he is one of the coolest industrial designers on the planet. His work is poetry and you should all own his salt + pepper shakers. They are lovely.

Iím not certain that I will be able to update this diary, since Iím not sure if the apartment weíve rented has internet access. Weíre staying somewhere in the Village (this always conjures for me images from The Prisoner, that weird storybook village at 7/8th scale) and I imagine there are places where I will be able to check my email etc. I am not going to Timbuktu afterall! Oh wait a minute, they have email access in Timbuktu! My sister, who climbed to Everest base camp, told me so. She and my nephew were so sick of yak curry by the time they made it, that I think they subsisted on potatoes for the remainder of the trek. Terence and I are travelling with Hilary, and itís going to be business and pleasure. She has a meeting, and Terence has an interview on Thursday. In addition, we are attending a stationery show, and a furniture show. Which means that some of the expenses will be write-off-able. Yay! I likes the write-offs.

Wouldnít it be a trip if I had to move again? To New York City?! (again with the pop references: whenever I say ĎNew York City!í I think of that DeeLite song where she screams it, all getting-your-groove-on party style.)

My friend Chris called today while I was at the laundromat to ask me to bid on a job for a friend of his. Itís a little bitty project, but it could be cool (and I know that I can beat the other designersí quote.) I just finished some letterhead/envelope concepts for my brother-in-law, and I am hoping that he will have picked a direction by the time I get back. The cool thing about doing work for him is that we exchange services--he gets designed pieces, and eventually I will get custom furniture. Terence has been working on some nightstand and dresser ideas, and we can hopefully get the plans finalized before my hair turns gray. I am still waiting for a check from my big fat s l o w paying client. Maybe it will surface while I am away? I hope so.

Iíve got to finish packing, and have a glass of wine.

7:23 p.m. - 2002-05-16



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