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Will work and free food

I just got back from showing my portfolio, and I think it went well. The only drawback from my point of view would be the fact that we met at Starbucks (originally we had planned to meet at her house, but as she has a dog, that wouldn’t work for my allergic ass.) I hate Starbucks.

Of course, I totally pared the portfolio down in order to showcase my command of Quark--so there were no groovy design-y things, no logos, no web whatchamacallits (¡chimichangas! that’s how you say ‘whatchamacallits’ in Spanish! I love that tidbit.) Just books, books, marketing collateral, and more books. There was the showcasing of some design skills, just not the MAD design skills if you know what I mean. I didn’t want her to think I’d be frustrated just pouring text into a document, or annoyed at someone else’s layout.

I had originally planned to wear my favorite red sleeveless t-shirt, until I stepped out of the shower this morning and noticed a hideous junkie-looking bruise on the inside of my left arm. “Hi! I need this job so I can stay on the horse!” Instead, I wore 3/4 length sleeves. I guess puncturing a vein for two vials of blood kinda freaks out your tissues and muscles, and they rebel in the form of an ugly hematoma. Note to self...

The woman was pretty nice, and from what I could gather, she is freelancing for a local publisher doing project management, creative direction and a little illustration. The assignments would first be straight production on a series of guidebooks, then might develop into more elaborate work or design (depending on my performance.) It all sounded fine to me. I appreciate that she gave me the numbers upfront ($1400 for the first book as a trial run, more money and projects later depending on performance) because it eliminated my having to bring it up. I’ll talk about money if I have to, but it’s a subject I don’t like to broach unless someone owes me big. Apparently, her ad on Craig’s List generated 90 replies in 8 hours, so she had to yank the ad after one day. This is why I was not able to refresh my memory by looking for the ad online; it had vanished on purpose.

The meeting ended up taking an hour, but only because we bonded over San Francisco. She lived there for many years before relocating to Los Angeles. We compared notes, talked about different neighborhoods and generally reminisced about the place.

She said she would be making her decision on Monday. So now, I wait.

Last night we crashed a party held in honor of the new Range Rover. There was no booze because they didn’t want a bunch of sauced people test-driving cars, so instead they offered fruit juices and smoothies. These were good, but did not go well with the food--mashed potatoes in martini glasses with your choice of toppings, cheeses and charcuteries with bread and crackers, grilled vegetables, and assorted chicken salads. The dessert table was really nice because there were mini palmiers, mini chocolate tartes, mini macarons (the French kind, not the coconut kind) and other mini petits-fours. Can you tell I approached the food tables with impunity? Of course I am incredibly tasteful and dainty when I do this, not like some philistines who pile the food on shamelessly. Terence says that these are the true wealthy, the people who are filty rich and can afford a Range Rover because they hoard their money like cheap bastard Uncle Scrooges. Whatever. There was only one (minor) celebrity sighting that I noticed: Catherine Bell who is on JAG, and is this month’s FHM cover girl. She was all over ET and Extra a few days ago, flaunting her nicely-endowed perky tan self, and she seemed genuinely embarassed when a photographer approached her at the event. Terence the Industrial Designer was all over the people showcasing the different finishes and upholstery. He loved the way they presented the different swatches, and was fascinated by the case that the swatches came in (the lid flipped over and became the presentation background. I wasn’t that impressed but it had Terence salivating.) Personally, I really liked the headlights which swivel, and the shark-like gills on the side. When you sit in that car, you really do feel invincible.

Special thanks to Gingeryette for telling me about the event. And it was only a 3 minute drive from my house. I love the short commute.

1:19 p.m. - 2002-06-13



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