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Science fair

Iíve had sort of a strange week.

Monday I got the production job and things have just kept rolling ahead at a steady clip. I had a meeting yesterday at 10:30 to pick up the files and meet the managing editor. It was all the way downtown and as usual I printed out some MapQuest directions and... proceeded to get lost. I donít know what it is with MapQuest, but it does not work for moi. Something about the way I anticipate lane changes and street names and cuckoo intersections makes the electronic directions counter-productive. I even double check the MapQuest suggestions against the Thomas Guide and always ignore my gut feeling (which is that the Thomas Guide and my very own brain can create a more efficient itinerary) and err on the side of blind optimism in technology. Note to self: do not do that anymore. On the plus side, I had been downtown before so I was able to quickly realize that I was headed in the wrong direction, and everything went fine after that.

I got the files home, copied them to my hard drive, and cleaned my desk. Then I spent a few hours assessing the files they gave me, looking at the style sheets, changing shortcuts, putting together some sample pages.I think this project will go fine, though I will have to resist the urge to fix inefficiencies.

This morning I had to be at the allergistís office again for more tests. I think itís cruel to have me come in at 7:30 without coffee and expect me to perform well on pulmonary function tests. Well, actually, they were expecting me to perform poorly today and unfortunately, my tests came back with very little change. The research assistant was expecting a decrease of at least 15% in my lung function, and sadly, my lung function was the same as it was last week. So, I did not qualify for the 14-week $450 study, but I did get a check for $120 for my participation! Yay! What should I spend it on? The possibilities are endless, but frankly the way that I indulge, 120 clams wonít go far.

I have to go back to the allergistís tomorrow morning for additional tests (qualification for Phase 4 of the study involves more lung function stuff as well as eye exams.)

In other non-science news, tonight The Beards are playing a free in-store at Amoeba. I donít know much about them except that itís three women: one from Cub, one from Buck, and my favorite of all, Kim Shattuck of The Muffs. Itís some sort of side project for the three of them, and have I mentioned that itís free?

9:50 a.m. - 2002-06-20



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