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An interesting couple of days.

First, Terenceís grandmother broke her hip and was hospitalized. Apparently, she didnít fall; she just stood up one morning, and her hip decided to break. I didnít realize that this is common, but according to Terence aka Dr Science, the bones just collapse when theyíre ancient and brittle and they can no longer bear weight. His mom seemed tired and overburdened on the telephone when she called to tell us about it, so Terence decided he should drive up to Santa Cruz to provide emotional support. Terenceís brothers are not really in any position to be of use (one of them lives in Kansas, the other is too self-absorbed in Alameda which is, ahem, only 2 hours away from Santa Cruz) and his father is possibly one of the most feckless men I have ever known. So Terence rented a car, and drove 6 hours yesterday to go give comfort and help his mom. He gets back Monday.

Second, this new medication that Iím on is a bit strange. It has a funky taste, sort of like the usual Freeon when it first hits your mouth and airways, then mellowing into overly ripe red grapes. The reason I am even mentioning this is that for many, many years I have not eaten grapes due to the grape boycott (by the United Farmworkers of America) and this is as close as Iíll get to eating actual grapes in the United States. The grape boycott of course does not apply when Iím in foreign countries, so I ate a ton over the summer in France. Are we still boycotting grapes over here? I should really check. I donít want Cesar Chavez rolling over in his grave.

Sidebar to Second: my mother doesnít really exhibit her Mexican-ness very often, but drive by a field of fruit/vegetable pickers in California, and she becomes a Love+Rockets style SuperMexican, rolling down her window, raising her fist in the air, and screaming, ď°Viva La Huelga!Ē It used to embarass me to death when I was a kid. Now I think itís kind of funny.

Third, for the first time in over a month, I went out to dinner. Yay! We went to Cadillac last night, and it was really yummy and fun. Since it was just three girls, no guys, we ordered a bunch of stuff and shared. After dinner, we came back to my place and walked over to my neighborís housewarming party. She was expecting 40 or so people, so she hired a bartender and stocked the bar with every kind of mixer imaginable. I had 2 cosmopolitans, and they were pretty good. I actually only wanted one, but I set my glass down on the makeshift bar, and when I turned around, the bartender had freshened my drink. So I said to him, ďHey, did I ask for another one? I canít remember.Ē

Bartender: I made two by accident, so I just refilled your glass.

Me: Oh, ok. Thanks.

I walk away, engage in some conversation, then walk by the bar, when...

Bartender: Actually, I have a confession to make. I just made you another one because I wanted to. I didnít really make a double batch.

Me: Gee, thatís thoughtful.

Bartender: (nods his head)

Me: Well... thanks again!

Was he being coy? Did he think I was cute? The dude was so GAY!!! And this weekend is Pride, so I donít know what he was doing wasting time with us boring straight folk when he could have been cruising Santa Monica Boulevard...

It just made me laugh because before he left Terence left me a note that said, ďM-- Have a good weekend. Donít talk to too many boys tonight. See you on Monday. Love, T.Ē


All of my neighbors were really friendly, and they all wanted to know how Terenceís grandmother was doing. News spreads like wildfire in our little building. If we had a pool and an interior courtyard, Iíd start calling it Melrose Place.

10:52 a.m. - 2002-06-23



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