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Le chien chaud

I'm sure there's probably entire websites that answer this question, but why do hot-dogs come in odd numbers, and buns in even? Is it so that you have to buy two of one of them, either buns or dogs, in order to feed an even number of folks?

'Round these parts it doesn't matter, since I always eat the extra bun as a tartine. You may not know this, but an American hot-dog bun replicates the taste of a French pain au lait, and both the bun and the pain au lait have very similar shapes. I refuse to believe this is a coincidence.

So, yes, I've been eating hot-dogs. In my mind, it's a supremely American thing to do for the 4th of July. That's how I celebrated anyway. I watched a movie and ate a hot-dog and tried not to think about the US's simplistic foreign policy, faltering economy, and rising obesity rates due to low-fat diets. My hot-dog was neither low-fat, nor low-sodium, nor tofu, nor chicken; it was Hebrew National, 100% beef, the way God intended. Do you remember the Hebrew National ads from way back? Where they said theirs were pure beef without additives because they "answered to a higher authority"?

In about 15 minutes, after I finish this espresso, and brush my teeth, I have to drive out to Burbank to pick up a friend at the airport. After that, more picking up and dropping off, form of... video tapes! My life gets more and more exciting every day. Good thing I didn't tell you about the library or the handwash or bleaching the sink. Truly the most fun I've had today, apart from eating a hot-dog with Maille moutarde and sweet relish, is putting the finishing touches on a mix cd I'm making. Now that's what I call Summer Fun.

1:06 p.m. - 2002-07-07



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