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Just another day in Los Angeles, California

A really dumb entry so consider yourselves warned.

Celebrity Sightings in the Last 72 Hours:

1. the actress who plays Donna on the West Wing (I saw her at Authentic restaurant last week, then Sunday I saw her at Babalu's in Santa Monica)

2. Renee Russo also in Santa Monica. She is a fucking knockout.

3. Helena Bonham Carter in my yoga class on Monday. What a relief to discover that there is indeed an actress in L.A. with a normal figure, a body that looks like it's friendly with the carbs and booze.

4. Jay Leno doing one of his man-on-the-street segments infront of the Johnnie Rockets on Melrose

That's it. My hair is still sort of straight, however I have to take a shower and that's sure to add some frizz and curly craziness. At 2:30, I am taking the bridesmaid dress to a tailor on Melrose; after that, I am off to Emma Gold for some 50% Sale snooping (I can't afford to buy anything, be it full price or reduced but I need some goddamn Aloha garb for the rehearsal dinner which is a Luau.) Ugh. I guess Debt becomes me.

12:41 p.m. - 2002-07-31



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