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I found a tropical skirt for the damn luau. It was 8 bucks. The only things left for me to purchase are white items for the croquet games. I will not be allowed to play croquet if I am not dressed entirely in white; the resort’s rules, not mine. I had no idea it would be so difficult to find white items in August. Thank god I own white Gucci loafers. I usually wear them with colored socks and pretend that I’m Peter Sellers in “The Party;” this time around, I’ll go suave Italian playboy and wear them senza calzette.

More shopping with no money. No fun.

In an adventurous mood, I went to Macarthur Park in search of a famed Swap Meet. What I found instead were streets swarming with men doing an odd gesture with their thumbs and indexes (it looked to me like they were asking for an inch; actually, they were selling fake IDs;) tons of little kids in Mexican folkloric costumes, and women selling homemade tacos from laundry carts. Evidently, Los Angeles has the largest Mexican population outside of Mexico City.

I’ve been working more hours at the yoga studio, getting more proficient and confident with their dumb software and their crazy system. For every rule, there are 5 zillion people who need a special exception. I think LA is the land of that. Everyone thinks they’re so goddamn special and unique. Fortunately, the people who work there are really nice and down to earth, with the exception of one woman. She is a royal downer. Whenever she comes in, she acts like it’s such an inconvenience, and she’s so tired and “sick of this shit.” Not exactly the yogic mindset.

The hilarious thing is that I have one of her business cards (she gave me one on a day when she was uncharacteristically upbeat,) and on it is a teddy bear with little hearts, and the following printed under her name: Messenger of Peace, Love and Harmony.

Oh my god. I didn’t know what to say when I first saw the card. I fixated instead on the color scheme and other insignificant details. Peace, Love and Harmony? What the fuck.

It would be one thing if she only brought the people who work with her down, but she’s now started to affect innocent bystanders. A few students have commented on the “bummer” woman who works there. And the other day, while she and I were sharing a shift, a student approached the desk and offered her unsoliticited advice on how to clear her negative energy. The Messenger of Peace, Love and Harmony (from here on out known as MPLH) was so pissed off! I would be too, but apparently MPLH and this student are friendly and have had some heart-to-heart discussions. After listening to the MPLH bitch for a while, I finally couldn’t take it anymore and I told her, “Look, somehow you must have given her the impression that you were open to that kind of advice. She was only trying to help. I’m sure she wouldn’t have said any of that if she’d known it would upset you. I would just forget about it if I were you.”


I have been trying really hard not to gossip at the studio because it’s a small place, and gossiping just seems so stupid, but the other day I felt it was my responsibility to drop a hint to the office manager that all is not well with the MPLH. It was so subtle, it may not even have registered but I felt a lot better.

While working the front desk the other day, I was also privy to teacher gossip and school stuff. I know which teachers are on the way out, which ones are going to be rewarded, when they’re going to schedule workshops and retreats, etc. It’s very useful information for me in case I decide to go through a Training and try my hand at teaching.

So that’s the latest.

Here’s the best picture from that shower I attended. It’s my foot, shod in my favorite Marc Jacobs shoes. These are the heels I bought in France with the money I made from that dumb freelance job. But at least, I have something to show for my hard work!

3:44 p.m. - 2002-08-04



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