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Jive jobs for chump change

I am so busy, itís making me a little crazy. And sweaty. The minute I start thinking about all of the things I have to do, my body temperature goes up, like, 20 degrees. I am drinking water like thereís no tomorrow, and I donít have any tank t-shirts left. And Iím not working topless because my neighbors wouldnít appreciate the show.

Itís especially crazy since practically all of the jobs that I am working on do NOT pay:

1. designing cds and promos/flyers for the rockstar will really only pay if she gets signed. And then thereís no guarantee sheíll be loyal to me when she gets a record deal--if she gets a giant budget, she could very well hire a rockstar designer.

2. consulting with my friend on the design of his architecture book. Heís barely getting paid by the publisher, so thereís very little left over for me. However, thereís a chance he will pay me in furniture. He has loads in a warehouse in San Francisco, and I need a sofa.

3. designing posters and flyers for the yoga school. I just calculated that 1 large poster, 7 little ones and 1 flyer will cost around $2000, and that doesnít include printouts or supplies. They will flip when they get my estimate. They can opt to pay me half cash, half trade, but they are notoriously cheap. (This is just what Iíve heard.)

4. designing my own secret line of somethiní which is costing me money. No return on that investment of time yet. Maybe in a few months.

And I still havenít been paid by the publisher for my production work. I hate having to nag, but it looks like they will be receiving yet another email reminder from me. God, I hate that shit. Itís a measly $1500. Why canít they cough up the dough-re-mi?

Friday, I am going to try to crash a printmaking class at Santa Monica College. The class is full, the waiting list is full, and I am going to have to either a) flirt my way onto the roster, or b) pray that the flaky community college kids drop out and make space for me, or c) convince the teacher that I will be the best student EVER! Promise! I really believe Iíve got b) working my favor (Iíve been to enough junior colleges to know what the rate of attrition is.) I hope I get in because I really want to learn silkscreening. If I werenít so damn busy I would sign up for lithography as well, but I donít want to bite off more than I can chew. Iím soooo busy making no money.

Ok, Iím boring. Time for a nap.

4:04 p.m. - 2002-08-28



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