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Something like a phenomenon...

It's a hundred frickin' degrees here today. I did some handwash about a hour ago, and it's already dry. I myself am clammy and shiny, trying to put together an outfit for this afternoon's barbecue.

I really wish I could just hang out in my skeleton. That would be a lot cooler than having skin right now.

Last night I went to Spaceland and saw a very fine pop band called Irving. They are my new favorite local band. Cutecutecute melodies, a kazoo and adorable sugary harmonies. It was their record release fête so I got a bag with goodies in it. Yay for free stuff! The album is called "Good Morning Beautiful" so the bag contained a little bottle of orange juice, a packet of coffee and some instant oatmeal (maple + brown sugar, my fave flavor!) plus there were pins and stickers and lollipops.

After Spaceland, we all trooped off to some new place called Lux on Vine at Fountain. It's actually some kind of Armenian Mob hangout (picture red velvet and faux crystal chandeliers,) but on Saturday nights the place is overrun by a typical Los Angeles mix of Mods + Rockers (living in peace, which frankly is WRONG,) neo New Wavers, proto New Wavers, and indie kids.

The music was actually pretty groovy (sounded like some Northern Soul to me) and there were a few skanky girls pole dancing sans pole. This is another unique LA phenomenon: women look like porn stars and strippers, and by this I mean they all have shiny shiny pouty blow job mouths, perfectly tousled blond tigress hair, low low pants with high high heels. I swear they get all their dance moves from emulating the girls at Cheetah's and Jumbo's Clown Room and it's freaky to watch them get their grooves on to Curtis Mayfield. They've practically got routines and it doesn't matter what type of music is being played, they dance the exact same way.

Ok, I've got to gather up this ass and haul it.

2:10 p.m. - 2002-09-01



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