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Popcorn and other developments

At the top of the list, Celebrity Sightings in the last two days:

1) Kirsten Dunst

2) Gina Gershon

Near the top of the list but by no means the most important thing on the list:

Got a flat tire today. I was doing 70 mph on the 10 when a little white Jetta pulled up alongside, and started honking spastically. This was the driver’s way of getting my attention. Once I noticed her, she screamed “You have a flat tire!” out her car window. I was peevish at first, then relieved because when I finally got off the freeway, there was a 76 station right there and sure enough, the tire was hell of flat. I mean, driving on the rim f-l-a-t. So, got that changed, then headed to Santa Monica.

After Santa Monica, I went east in the opposite direction, heading for the printmaking supply store. They ran out of the screens I need for tomorrow’s class, so I’m going to show up like a loser with no supplies. I didn’t see the point of buying everything BUT the screens, so I have to go back downtown on Saturday. Since the hippy burnout teacher didn’t mention a word about getting artwork together, I have a feeling that our first real session will consist mainly of demonstrations and tool usage.

While downtown, I stopped in Chinatown for the farmer’s market and miscellaneous shopping. Monday is Terence’s birthday, and the theme is Chinese restaurant. Everyone is supposed to bring their favorite Chinese take-out dish to share, and then I’ll provide tea and rice and Tsingtao and fortune cookies etc. I bought some paper lanterns for decoration and they’re really cute.

I worked for three and a half hours today at the yoga school. I got to see a preview of some of the Fall merchandise they’ll be carrying in the little retail section. Two words: chakra thongs. I kid you not. They are going to be selling underwear with the seven different chakras on them. They are color coordinated to the chakras, and the packaging tells you what each of the chakras means. How silly, then, to wear the throat chakra over your coochie? Or the brow chakra? Or the heart chakra? I think they’re ridiculous, therefore they will probably sell like hotcakes.

I discovered something really funny the other day. It’s another one of those Southern California vs. Northern California things. Oh yes, you people from other states, there are two distinct Californias. The warm weather, pneumatic breasts, and car culture are Southern phenomena; the left-wingier-than-thou politics, organic farming and green power are Northern phenomena. Of course, these are all just stereotypes, but there are differences. Such as: people in Southern California put a “the” in front of a freeway or highway number when they refer to it. The Number 10 freeway is called simply “the ten.” In the north, freeways are just the number. If “the ten” went all the way up to San Francisco, up there they would just call it “ten.”

LA: I took the 10 to the 405.

SF: I took 101 to 380.

And now I’ve discovered that there is no popcorn here! In Northern California, if you want to know the exact time, you can call pop-corn (767-2676,) and get the precise time for free. Pop-corn doesn’t work in Southern California, and if you say, “call popcorn for the time,” people look at you funny. Down here, there’s just a time number that doesn’t have a goofy name (I can’t remember the number right now, probably because it doesn’t have a goofy name!) Anyway this threw me for a loop. You learn something new every day. I’ve got to find that number and program it into my phones. Naturally, I will list it under “popcorn.”

Oh my god, I have a lack of food headache. All I’ve eaten today is a scone and a Babe Ruth candy bar. I ran so many errands and didn’t stop for a meal, how uncivilized. I need an aspirin and some dinner.

I haven't mentioned that my Howard Hughesian friend Tony has recently moved to Los Angeles. He says it's because he needs to shake things up in his life (32 years old, hasn't had a job in 2 years, lives at home) but I fear that he is actually stalking my friend Tracy who rebuffed him numerous times over a 4 month period. This is going to be interesting.

7:19 p.m. - 2002-09-05



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