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Je bosse le weekend... ce n'est pas trŤs franÁais!

Things I am hating right now:

1. blowers and mowers

Good GODdamn! Is there ever a time in one single Los Angeles day when there isnít a gardener working outside my apartment? So. Hard. To. Concentrate.

2. My pissy hippy of a printmaking teacher

He is giving community college instructors a bad name. He said in class that he had moved waaayyy beyond hippy, ďto drug addict, mental patient, and now, school teacher.Ē Boy, Iím reassured. Thanks for sharing.

3. the lack of file cabinets and shelving in my apartment

4. Oh hell, the fact that I work in my apartment. I hate that too.

5. smelling like garlic

I ate at Eat-A-Pita last night, and though it was good, I poured a little too much of that tahini sauce on my pita and I am repulsing myself as I write this. I donít know about garlicís medicinal properties but Iím pretty sure about itís repellant ones.

Things I am liking right now:

1. TCB!

I emailed a client, designed and printed out a mini logo book, printed out and assembled a demo cd for my portfolio, invoiced the yoga school, called my parents and I still havenít showered! No wonder Iím so stinky.

2. Coffee from Peetís

I have been buying my beans from the Kingís Road which is down the street, and for the most part, their blend is good. The problem is there are only a few people on staff who correctly operate the grinder, and this last time I bought a pound, the grind was neither fit for a French press nor fit for a Chemex. At least at Peetís, everyone is properly trained in coffee grinding, so Iíve been enjoying perfect espressos and cappuccinos made with Top Blend.

3. the New Beverly Cinema

Itís a theater just down the street from my place, and they have double features for $6.

4. Magazine stands

Theyíre practically on every corner here, and itís awesome. I especially like the one by the Kingís Road because they have all manner of French fashion magazines.

5. the new Andy Warhol stamps at the post office

For once, the US Postal Service has come up with a stamp I enjoy affixing to envelopes! I went to the Warhol show at the Museum of Contemporary Art, and it was great. I know a lot of people dismiss his work as gimmicky, but I really think he was brilliant. You really have to be in a room filled with giant hand-painted Brillo boxes and serigraphies of Mao to appreciate his genius.

No entry would be complete without my shopping list, and this week, itís all about the New York Spring 2003 collections. Hereís whatís on on my current wishlist (more t/k!)

5:07 p.m. - 2002-09-21



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