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Chaos theory in action

Tonight one of my favorite yoga teachers told me I had a beautiful practice. Man, that just made my week! I am so excited about this positive reinforcement. In fact, he said that he thought it was beautiful the way I take my time going from one asana to another, and how fluid I look. I have been working really hard on that as a matter of fact--making my yoga practice more like my dance practice, i.e. graceful, ballet-like--and itís so nice to know that itís working. There are no mirrors in class so I can never check myself, and up until now, Iíve had little evidence that my mind is having any effect on my body. Yay for improvement!

And then on the way out of class, I saw another one of my favorite teachers, and he gave me a kiss hello.

I am feeling some love right now, I tell you.

I need to do something quick before my ego balloons out of control...

Letís see...

Ah, yes.

How about this?

Through some strange chink in the time/space continuum, I have been reunited electronically with one of my most favorite pals from high school. I canít tell you how excited I am about this. Well, yes, I can. Ok, so:

I was checking email one day, and a friend from San Francisco sends me a link to one of her new, local music discoveries. I go to the site, I listen to some tracks, and I enjoy. This leads me to their little Ďbioí link where I discover that the band is actually fronted by my high school palís little sister. Weird, I think. I then decide to listen to some more tracks, but first have to find the remote to the stereo so I can shut off goddamned NPR cause all that talking is starting to irritate. However, just as Iím about to turn off the stereo, I hear my high school palís voice on the radio! Sheís an attorney! In Washington! Working for Good, not Evil!

I decide this is more than coincidence and proceed to email the musician sister, thinking it will eventually get back to my pal, and loí and behold, within a week of an initial email volley, there it is: an email from K. in my inbox. I cannot tell you how psyched I was! Almost ridiculously so. I felt like I had a crush and he finally looked me in the eye and said ďhello.Ē Only K. is a girl.


Sheís really the only person from high school that Iíve ever been remotely curious about. She was younger than me, and I lost touch with her when I went to college. I was sad about this. I have always wondered where she went. I just had a feeling that we would still get along. I donít know why. It was just an intuition.

Iím actually no longer in touch with anyone from my high school. By choice. This does not make me sad. For a time, I would get email and invitations and things from people, but around 6 years ago, I decided there was no point in preserving those friendships. Those people were boring! They were married to snoring husbands with middle-management paunches, and were more excited about their new sets of golf clubs than anything else in the world... see why I was so eager to drop them in order to make room for better/more appropriate friends? We had all changed and moved on, and no longer had anything in common (other than a shared 4 -year history when we were teenagers.) It helped that I changed email addresses and never bothered to let anybody know. I am sure that they are all the same as when I left them: straightlaced, white suburbanites without a drop of funk, without an interest in music, art, insanely spicy food, subcultures, fashion or foreign policy.

K. is supposed to go to SF for Christmas so we are going to meet up and have drinks. Of course Iíll be totally nervous, like first date nervous, but Iím certain it will be fine and Iím looking forward to it. Hopefully her girlfriend will be there too.

8:19 p.m. - 2002-09-30



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