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Following the string of... what we're we talking about again?

W Magazine, how I love thee!

I got mine two days ago, and Ive been in near hibernation, reading it cover to cover.

Im almost done, and Im getting to the point where I feel like Ive binged on sugary snacks and am going to get sick.

But, like any good addict, instead of detoxing with another distraction, Im just going to feed the monkey on my back by going to the magazine stand one block away, and fill up on more candy. Must. Have. More. Fashion. News. Than. Humanly. Possible.

Its funny. The other day I was talking to some Big Shot at a marketing and P/R firm down here, and he asked me if Id be interested in a fulltime position in San Francisco (his company is staffing a satellite office there.) I politely said no.

I got off the phone, and Terence said, Did he just offer you a job?

Me: Well, sort of. I mean, he wanted to know if Id be interested in a fulltime position in SF. Theyre opening an office there.

T: That sounds like a job offer.

M: Maybe it was. But I said no.

T: You said NO?

M: Yeah. I cant have a job where I cant leave in the middle of the day without clearing it with someone. Thats jive.

T: Hmnfjhfrukjnbfjgdf...

I know a lot of designers looking for work. I felt bad for turning down a chance for about, oh, ten minutes, then I snapped out of it. I cant have a boss! I cant have incompetent people telling me what to do! I would go insane! The only fulltime job I would accept would be one working for LVMH or a maison de couture in Paris. Thats it. And thats not to say that I wouldnt have incompetent co-workers or superiors in France (Im sure I would;) I would just be a weensy bit more tolerant.

Today is Errand Day and unfortunately, I slept in. So now I feel like half the days gone. Terence was up until 1:30 am working on a project the other night, and I could hear him taptaptapping on the keyboard and it kept waking me up. Then the night before, we were collaborating on a project together, and we were up late, hashing out packaging details and color schemes. Ive got a layout to finish for one client, some production to complete for another (but I may give that to Terence because hes slow,) then Ive got a few hours left over to stew about the invoices that are outstanding. I just paid rent, and have $300 to my name.

Needless to say, the designer items on my shopping list are but a distant memory. Although I did tell Terence that I would look absolutely smashing prancing about my cardboard box on the corner of Santa Monica and Fairfax, asking for change and crusts of bread.

And speaking of being penniless, Terence is once again thinking about graduate school. I myself thought about that a few years ago, and went so far as to fill out an application for the interaction program at NYU, and also have an informational interview at Art Center in Pasadena. The NYU application was easy to dispose of, and forget, but the Art Center thing scarred me for a few months. The interview, she did not go so well. The guy I talked to was an asshole, and made me feel like I loser for wanting to change the direction of my work. But I was talking about Terence. AnyWAY, he is entertaining the school thing, and I am trying to be encouraging (but not overbearing as I can often be.) I cant ask about it daily, I cant drop the name of the school weekly, etc. Its really difficult keeping my mouth shut. Shock of all shocks. Especially when I am so excited about the idea. Plus it would mean wed move someplace different, and I am very cozy with the bohemian wanderlust (though not, of course, with the bohemian checkbook. Bien entendu.)

So... whats Boston like?

10:32 a.m. - 2002-10-03



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