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Oh the humanity!

Some friends were visiting from SF. It was really fun seeing them and spending time together; unfortunately, we ate out a bunch of times, and Iím now completely tapped out. The saddest part for me is that of the three major meals, only one was any good and I donít like wasting good money on crappy meals. So, Duparís and Versailles, I bid you adieu. You can keep your greasy french toast (Duparís) and you can keep your watery black beans and sticky tables (Versailles.) Whoever heard of naming a Cuban restaurant Versailles anyway?

What else, what else...

Oh yes!

Here are some new items for my Spring 2003 wardrobe. I donít know what it is about dresses. I must be feeling that they would solve all of my sartorial problems. As for the sheer, breast-bearing top with vest/corset: I know itís not practical, but itís beautiful.

I have not had a minute to look at the rest of the collections. I am hoping that one of these days work will slow down to the point where I can fuck off and surf fashion porn.

I have officially poisoned Terence against his ďfriendĒ Tony. I use quotes because I do not consider Tony capable of true friendship and he has always bugged me. True, I do not have a lot of patience for people who are

1. non-disclosure about their personal lives,

2. who are passive-aggressive,

3. who are paranoid, and

4. who are copycats,

so it stands to reason that there would be a time where I would dismiss him. Believe me, there have been times where I was ready to write him off completely, but Terence thought I was overreacting so we (he) maintained a friendship with the guy. I donít know if itís a male/female thing, or just something about our different personalities, but Terenceís friendship requirements are totally different from mine. He doesnít expect personal revelations or heart-to-heart conversations; I feel cheated if I donít get them. I know weíve been over this territory before, dear readers, so be patient while I rant.

I used to have a friend (well, sheís still my friend, but it wasnít always so) who was like the female half of that American Gothic painting emotionally, and she would provide drips and drabs of information about herself at an alarmingly slow rate. There were a number of times where I was on the brink of just saying, ďOk, check it out: thatís it. Iím done. Iím not getting anything out of this friendship, itís not fair you knowing everything about me and me not knowing jack about you, I canít continue feeling like you donít trust me with secrets, I thought we were friends, blahblahblah,Ē but I never crossed that threshold. Partly, it was that at a critical point, she confessed to needing therapy because she felt emotionally blocked, and I mean, how could I drop her at that point? Sheíd finally revealed something to me, and I felt that, as a friend, I should try to be patient and let her learn whatever she needed to learn. But, man oh man, was it hard. Is it hard. Sheís still making progress and Iím happy I stuck it out.

Tony however is another story.

And to get back to the copycat thing...oh my god! Do I ever hate that! I know itís childish to even care, but itís some kind of sign of weakness and I cannot abide it! Terence once mentioned wanting a Ď63 Dodge Dart convertible, and sure enough, a few weeks later, Tony announced that he was thinking of getting one. Just like that, out of the blue, like heíd never heard anyone else utter those words. Then another time, Terence mentioned wanting to design things with horsetail reed, and a few weeks later, Tony was just chatchatchatting away about projects heíd envisioned with horsetail reed. Like heíd come up with an entirely original idea. Our friend Kirk is totally into cars. Surprise, surprise, so is Tony! Kirk likes to drink cappuccinos without foam, and surprise, surprise! So does Tony. Our friend Mike got really into golf, and wouldnít you know it? Tony mysteriously acquires a new set of clubs, and promptly begins taking lessons. I one time mention how a Frank Gehry ottoman would make an ideal low seat, like a shredded wheat biscuit with a cushion, and of COURSE, Tony buys one and prizes it above all other possessions. And last night, Terence ordered a Tecate, and so did Tony! Now Iím getting ridiculous, but really, get a fucking personality already and stop biting other peoplesí. Sheesh.

Christ, that guy drives me insane!

Ok, Iím done now.

Until the next time...

7:06 p.m. - 2002-10-08



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