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The Pointer Sisters can shove it up their asses


As if seething about Tony were not enough, now my sisters are getting on my nerves.

I am going up to San Francisco next week, and we are all supposed to get together for dinner on Saturday night for my motherís birthday. Since Saturday night was Birthday Night, I didnít make any plans with friends. Instead, I scheduled get-togethers for Friday day and night, Saturday day, and Sunday day and night. I am only going to be in SF for a few days, and I need to see certain people (the people with babies, especially) or I will never hear the end of it. And anyway, I *want* to see those people. Family is another matter entirely. It is an F-word, after all.

So now my one sister (the youngest) emails me and my older sister saying she canít make it on Saturday night, can we reschedule a brunch on Sunday? No, I reply to both, saying my Sunday is already accounted for socially. Christ, I even did the unthinkable: I inserted a little sad face emoticon to tug at their heartstrings. Oh yes, I am not above manipulating people with keyboard expressions. Then the older sister, probably thinking she is very clever and diplomatic, says, why not a brunch on Saturday instead?

Since I donít want to send ANOTHER email saying my SaturDAY is already accounted for, I am waiting for my fury to pass before I reply to both of them.

This always happens with the one little sister. She works in a restaurant, and never gets her Saturday night off. I know itís the one big money night of the week, but you would think that a) knowing her motherís birthday falls on a Saturday, and b) knowing that her mother generally throws herself a dinner party on her birthday, and c) knowing that one sister is coming up from LA seemingly for that occasion, and furthermore d) her motherís birthday has always been October 19th for as long as sheís been alive, THAT she would preemptively switch shifts with someone in anticipation of this event. But, no. Instead, we all have to do what we always have to do and that is: change our schedules around to accommodate her.

What about meeeeeeeeee? What about my neeeeeeeeeeeds?

10:19 a.m. - 2002-10-10



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